About Us

History of Homenetmen Toronto Chapter

During the 1960’s, as the Toronto area began having an influx of Armenians, there was a movement to start a Homenetmen chapter to meet the needs of our youth. In November 1969, this became a reality with the founding of the Homenetmen Toronto chapter (first location was near the corner of Avenue Road and Dupont). During the first 10 years of existence, the efforts to get Homenetmen Toronto established were difficult as the construction of a new centre was being constructed. In 1979, with the opening of the Armenian Community Centre, a small gymnasium, hall and meeting rooms were available for Homenetmen Toronto to continue its’ efforts.

In 2004, Homenetmen Toronto was blessed with the opening of a full sports gymnasium and youth centre.

Homenetmen Toronto Athletics

Right from the beginning in 1969, Homenetmen Toronto organized a soccer team of approximately 25 youth and a year later they participated in a local soccer league. Over the years, Homenetmen Toronto Soccer teams have participated in Canadian Regional games, West Coast Navasartian Games and East Coast Regional Games.

We have had dedicated athletes who have participated in regional games and have strived for excellence. We have also had strong mens and women’s basketball teams over the years. The first Canadian Regional basketball game took place in Toronto, between Montreal and Toronto in January 1970.

Homenetmen Toronto organized the first Canadian volleyball team and has always fielded strong volleyball teams – dating back to 1971.

Homenetmen Toronto has a proud 45 year history of having basketball, soccer, athletic, volleyball, floor hockey, ping pong and chess programs.

Homenetmen Toronto Scouts

Similar to athletics, Homenetmen Toronto organized a Scouts program. However, in the early years, Homenetmen Toronto found it difficult to find leaders to fill the roles of the various Scout groups. Our Scout groups have always been at the ready and have participated in our communities activities and ceremonies.

In 1981, Homenetmen Toronto organized a band that has since then provided the community a sense of pride.

Our Scouts have participated in Homenetmen World Jamboree’s :

  • Greece 1978
  • France 1980
  • England 1986
  • Greece 1990
  • Armenia 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014

Throughout the years, Homenetmen Toronto has organized camps (summer, fall and winter) and participated in Canadian Regional Camps with our sister chapters (2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992).