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Strategic Plan

The Homenetmen Central Executive Committee is delighted to share with all Homenetmen Regions, Chapters and members its Strategic Plan. Over the past 4 years an 8 member Strategic Planning Committee prepared this detailed plan after consultations with over 400 grassroots members and leaders thru many meetings and conference calls. The Plan was presented at our 10th general Assembly Meeting in Dzaghgatzor, Armenia Sept. 5-10 2011, where about 90 delegates and invitees thoroughly analyzed, discussed, made recommendations and approved the document in its final format.

This document gives a clear direction to our organization. Its underlying principles are: a pan Armenian approach, flexible solutions to global challenges, and the necessity of culture change. The pan Armenian approach puts equal focus on the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. The challenges that Homenetmen and the Armenian youth face today are global in nature yet the solutions are addressed with flexibility, taking into account peculiarities of different Regions. The necessary transformation of organizational culture and the renewed attention to the core principles of our Mission are emphasized.

The goals in this plan are neither specific nor limited to the Central Committee but rather intend to provide direct support to Regions and Chapters.

The Central Executive Committee is committed to allocate special committees, manpower and appropriate financial resources for the successful implementation of this plan. The CEC and its SP Implementation Committee anticipate full support and commitment from all Homenetmen Regions and Chapters in order to implement and execute in a timely manner the components of this plan.